The Mission of the Foundation

Antal Both was born in Nagyberezna (Ung County) on 2 September 1875. He attended primary school at his birthplace and secondary school in Nagykároly and Szatmár. Thereafter, he graduated in theology from the College of the Szatmár Diocese and went on to study liberal arts at the Pázmány Péter University of Arts and Sciences. He received his diploma as a Latin-Greek philologist and teacher on 29 April 1903. Even before his graduation he worked as a substitute teacher in the Balassagyarmat state secondary school and he continued as a full-time teacher in the same institution until his retirement. He taught classical languages with enthusiasm and accuracy, he tried to sensitise his students to classical culture and also endeavoured to demonstrate the impact of classical culture on Hungarian culture. He was also actively involved in community culture and held presentations in theology, literature and sociology. Beside teaching, he was primarily interested in pedagogy and literature. His oeuvre mainly consists of theological and literary works.

Marianne Bodnár, Antal Both’s daughter was born in Hungary but later moved to the United States where she established the “Marianne Bodnar 2000 Living Trust” to commemorate and cultivate the memory and work of her father, Antal Both. Marianne Bodnár intended to make sure that the memory of Antal Both lives on, his works are cultivated and his scientific and cultural views (which he passed on to generations during his lifetime) survive, and to create the financial conditions for these objectives by means of a foundation established in Hungary to invite applications and award grants.

Anne A. Bengtson and her husband, Kurt L. Bengtson, as the appointed managers of the “Marianne Bodnar 2000 Living Trust” decided that the original intentions of Marianne Bodnár can best be achieved through the Debrecen Reformed College and its member institution, the Reformed Theological University of Debrecen, both of considerable historical past. This foundation is established in view of the foregoing.

ANNA ARANKA BENGTSON (born: Anna Aranka Háló, mother’s name at birth:  Blaskovics Aranka, address: 6321 Glendale Drive, Yorba Linda CA 92886 USA) and her husband DR. KURT LENNART BENGTSON (mother’s name at birth: Ruth Nilsson, address: 6321 Glendale Drive, Yorba Linda CA 92886 USA), as the managers of the “Marianne Bodnar 2000 Living Trust”, in order to execute the will of the trustor Marianne Bodnár, hereby wish to establish a Foundation through this Deed of Foundation pursuant to Sections 3:378 – 3:404 of Act V of 2003 on the Civil Code of Hungary (hereinafter referred to as the “Civil Code”), for an indefinite period of time.

The permanent objectives of the Foundation are to cultivate the memory as well as the intellectual and cultural heritage of Antal Both, as well as to support other scientific and cultural activities, with special emphasis on ecumenical science.

The Activities of the Foundation:

  • to cultivate the memory of Antal Both, to publish his works, to create a commemorative award to immortalize his name, to organise a minor exhibition, to hold regular conferences under his name.
  • to establish scholarships and to launch tenders for the students, PhD students, professors, researchers and teachers of the Reformed Theological University of Debrecen (hereinafter “DRHE”) as well as for the teachers of the high schools of the Debrecen Reformed College (as beneficiaries) primarily in theological and other scientific and cultural topics.
  • to strengthen interdenominational dialogue, to better understand the opinions and work of others through the organisation of joint programs and conferences.